Upcoming Exhibitions


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August 22 - September 14, 2014


Economologies explores art and action related to the ecology of economies, art related to money, innovative and creative approaches to economics, and interrelations between the fields of economics and ecology. The series includes an exhibition of visual art, roundtable discussions, performances, and installations. We aim to encourage a conversation around the intersections of economics, ecology and art, including critical commentary and new approaches and alternatives to the status quo.


-In the mobile gallery will be an exhibition by artists who make art about money, possibly including artists minting their own versions of currency and coinage, conceptual works, and broadside manifestos. Artists will be a combination of invited artists and others selected from an open Call for Entries.

-Jerry Wellman will present Moneyless Yard Sale. Passersby will be directed to a yard sale, but all items will be offered only by exchange, with no money involved. People will be able to get  household items, clothes, kids items, and books (typical  yard sale stuff) for a song (or a dance or a poem or a drawing) -  or just trade for another object. We encourage you to bring your items and set up in the meadow at CCA with us.  "Sale" runs from 10am- 3pm on Saturday September 6th, at CCA, 1050 Old Pecos Trail.  Please contact Jerry at info@axleart.com if you plan on bringing your things and setting up with us for this event.

-Matthew Chase-Daniel will present Dollar Distribution, a performance-distribution on the streets of Santa Fe from August 22-September 15. Money raised through donation, via Kickstarter, on the Axle website, and in the gallery will be converted to dollar bills and distributed, at random throughout the city, one at a time, by tucking bills under windshield wipers on parked cars, left on street corners and sidewalks, on the floors of local businesses, in shirt pockets at clothing stores, in front yards, and countless other locations.  Prior to the distribution, the dollar bills will be exhibited in the mobile gallery on Tuesday August 9th, from 5-7 pm in the Railyard Shade Structure.

-Inspired by Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) we will initiate an art subscription program where we will offer a quarterly art subscription, by a group of artists curated by Axle Contemporary.  Community Supported Art: Apparel:  Axle Contemporary is producing a subscription-only series of 4 limited-edition t-shirts, each by a different New Mexico-based artist.   Each will be screenprinted by Axle Contemporary on the front.  Monochrome images only.  We will select 4 artworks from the images submitted.    One will be released each quarter over the course of a year, beginning in December, 2014. Royalties to artists will be determined based on the number of subscribers to the series. Deadline for submissions is September 15.  New Mexico-based artists only.  Send images or website links and contact information to submissions@axleart.com.

-Burning Books will create a surprising pop-up performance, TEN DOLLARS, TEN CENTS, TEN MINUTES  by  during the AHA Festival in the Santa Fe Railyard on September 14th.  For a limited time only ten-dollar bills can be purchased for a dime. One per customer. While supply lasts. Payment in dimes only.


-Nanogrants: An anonymous donor has proposed this project. What would you do with $10 to change the world, or to change your world?  Send your submission/proposal (one page maximum) to submissions@axleart.com by Labor Day, September 1st. at midnight.  Free to apply! The donor will select 5 proposals which will be funded. Winning proposals will be announced at the AHA Festival on September 14th, and featured on the Axle Contemporary website.



-Roundtable Discussions: The topics to be explored address community involvement, building sustainability/resilience, and finding/promoting creative economic alternatives. Panelists include Mariel Nanasi (New Energy Economy), WeAre PeopleHere, Craig Conley (ecologist, NM Highlands University), Margaret Kuhlen (Santa Fe Time Bank), Wayne Muller (Author) and Sanjit Sethi (SFAI).


-We will also be promoting a workshop organized by Christy Hengst: Engaged, Social and Site-Specific: Explorations of a Growing Intention in Public Art. How can what we make as artists have a meaningful impact on the people who experience it? Real communication, and sometimes social transformation, is approached by means of the unexpected, the anonymous, and/or direct intervention into daily life.