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4:45 at the sign, between SITE and W21.


The Royal Breadshow
200 Miniature Sculptures
Festive Loaves of Bread

Friday, May 2 - 11

Royal Breadshow specially baked bread will be available May 16-May 25

Opening on May 2nd, Axle Contemporary will exhibit over 200 miniature porcelain sculptures created for the Royal Breadshow by dozens of artists, old and young, novice and professional, local and from afar.  Clay sculpture making workshops were held at  Warehouse 21, Rainbow Vision, The Center for Contemporary Arts, El Castillo, Zona Del Sol, Santa Fe Prep, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, Fayette Street Academy, and The Santa Fe Youth Development Program.  The ceramic figures vary from animals to fruit to abstractions.  Visit www.axleart.com for daily gallery locations.

Beginning on May 16, local bakeries will bake the miniature sculptures into special festive loaves.  The breads will be available for purchase at the Farmers Market, the bakeries and at Axle Contemporary. Each loaf will be accompanied by a paper crown with a special laudatory word and writings about bread.  Proceeds from the sales of loaves will be donated to local organizations that feed the hungry.

Participating Bakeries are:  Cloud Cliff, Panaderia Sani, Intergalactic Baking Company, and Chocolate Maven.

Axle Contemporary Press is publishing a book documenting and celebrating the project with photos of all of the sculptures and a collection of writings submitted by the community for this project.

The Royal Breadshow project was first unveiled at SITE Santa Fe's Spread event in October 2013. Through the generous support of the Spread attendees, The Royal Breadshow began as a room-sized installation in January at SITE Santa Fe's exhibition Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art.  The room at SITE includes writings about bread, a writing table, a loaf on a pedestal, live sourdough, golden wall stencils, a clay studio, baker's implements, an antique scythe,a typewriter, a Persian carpet and more. This exhibition continues through May 18th.