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Current Exhibition


Shakti Kroopkin

InSiDe OuT: The Menagerie Escapes

feb 24- march 26, 2023


Opening in the Santa Fe Railyard
shade structure by Farmers Market
Friday, February 24, 5–7 pm

Unleashing abstractions on the Santa Fe community to create intersections of curiosity and connection, Shakti Kroopkin harnesses the energy of street art to fuel the momentum of her creative vision. Shakti’s intuitive work frees itself from constraints of logic, gravity, and reality. By allowing polarities to balance between the real and the imagined, Shakti invites the viewer to explore emotion, memory, and the free association of the creative process.


Kroopkin invents fantastical beings that act as guides, enabling the viewer to further delve into the imaginary realm. Shakti's work emerges from the subconscious through raw strokes and primitive symbolism. In this way, she intersects human experience with the unknown, waking a  connection to changing perspectives.






Shakti Kroopkin    







Contemporary artist Shakti Kroopkin, born in Chicago 1976, began painting in oils at the age of seven. Shakti graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998 and moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2005. Kroopkin (she/they) now lives along the historic hills of Los Cerrillos, NM with their son, Malachi, two dogs, Frankie Taco and Ruby Rainbow, 8 chickens and a rooster.


Kroopkin has shown in over 50 galleries and art shows across the country and is internationally collected. Shakti opened Mad Contemporary gallery and art center in January 2023 where they direct, curate, paint, show their work, and teach. Shakti was recently quoted in the Santa Fe Reporter (jan’23), “I’ve been dreaming about creating a special place, a different kind of gallery that has the opportunity for art-making as well,” Kroopkin explains.“I’m ready to fulfill my life’s passion for art and teaching in a different way; to not rely on structures that already exist, but create my own.” She is also currently showing with Walter Wickiser Gallery, NY, NY, Jezebel Gallery in Madrid, NM and with the Santa Fe Society of Artists.


Kroopkin produces original sumi ink and oil paintings, steel sculptures, commissions, live painting performances, animated paintings and designs art clothing. She facilitates abstract art workshops, hosts queer-centered art jams, and lectures at universities.

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