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Art & Activism

Juliana Coles

Bob Haozous

Adam Jonas Horowitz

jetsonorama (Chip Thomas)

Don Redman

Will Wilson

and activist posters from our open call on the outside of the Axle Contemporary Mobile Art Space



in Railyard Shade Structure by Farmers Market

Santa Fe, NM July 5 5pm-7pm 

exhibition continues through August 18

Art can activate the spirit, build a cohesive identity for a community, share wisdom, or communicate ideas. Art can also proselytize, cement allegiances, and question how we shape our reality. Artists might express passions, or instigate meaningful conversations.  Axle's Art & Activism exhibition presents artworks that address pressing concerns in the world, using some or all of the strategies listed above.


In July and August of this year, Axle will present this exhibition of activist art. Inside the mobile artspace we will present artworks by Juliana Coles, Bob Haozous, Adam Jonas Horowitz, jetsonorama (Chip Thomas), Don Redman, and Will Wilson. The works address a range of issues including Cultural Hegemony, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Uranium Mining, Guns, War, and Identity. The artworks might draw us in through beauty, humor, or surprise. Once we are hooked, the work makes us reflect and might change how we think or act in the world.

We will also present a broad and diverse range of activist art in the form of 11" x 17" posters/broadsides pasted to the exterior of the Axle mobile artspace. This portion is open to people working here in New Mexico. Call for exterior work here:

Activism Posters by New Mexico Artists including
Anastasia Andersen
Joseph Arnoux
Ameerah Bad’r
Sally Blakemore
Ali Budner
a. Jo Christian
Erin Currier

Nika Feldman

Robb Fiss
Lynn Grimes

Barbara Grothus

Herstory Printmaking Collective
Marc Hinkley

Kerry Kehoe
Merrin Keller
Duan Kellum

Harley Kirschner 
Shirley Klinghoffer
Bobby Levin

Patti Levey
Nina Mastrangelo

Christina Miller
Maternal Mitochondria

Marcia Moore
Richard Oakley Neel
Sam Paolini

Faith Purvey
Willy Bo Richardson
David Sloan
Christine Sullivan
Burning Books-Melody Sumner Carnahan
Burning Books-Michael Sumner
Janice Wall
Jesse Warner
Jerry Wellman
Merrin Winkel
Greta Young

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