Axle's Summer Performance Art Series

week 3

Lindsay Brenner
Recycled Crochet Dress

a live creation of wearable art
August 6–8

Brenner is a crochet artist. For this performance, she will work on creating a long dress while wearing it in the Axle mobile artpace. With each new row of work, Brenner will lengthen the garment until the dress until she runs out of time or material.
The artist works to create awareness of the beautiful and the interesting possibilities that come with recycling materials and the ways that we all can take care of our earth, ourselves, and all the living organisms that share this planet with us. Brenner also shows us the value of engaging with the ancient creative tradition of the physical act of working with our hands to make things.

Lindsay Brenner is from St. Louis. She relocated to Albuquerque to work as an Americorps State volunteer at an art center for adults with developmental disabilities.  After working with this population in Albuquerque for a few years, Brenner joined the Peace Corps for a 27 month term in the Youth Development sector in Morocco.  Having returned to Albuquerque, Lindsay is working with youth as well as people with developmental disabilities.


week 4

The Willies:

Joan Yatsevitch and James Hart

Remembering Joe Hill
August 13–15

Joe Hill was a songwriter, itinerant laborer, activist, and and labor organizer, active across the United Stated in the early 20th Century. He was wrongly convicted and executed in Utah in 1915, likely targeted because of his activism. Hill was a member of the Industrial Workers of the World (know as the Wobblies). His songs and his life have inspired and educated millions of activists, laborers, and folk singers in the century since his death.


The Willies folk ensemble has been playing in and around Santa Fe for nearly 25 years. Their name refers to the many Bills, Billies, Wills, and Sweet Williams whose lives and stories have wandered in an out of Folk songs for centuries, and more specifically, pays a tribute to the short, sweet life of Willie Lincoln. In the mid sixties, in other places and under different conditions, Joan and James became connected to the Folk Movement.  Joan began working in her teens as a waitress at The Foghorn and the Triton coffeehouses in Baltimore.  Nicknamed ‘Sasafras’, she met and played with many artists traveling on the Folk circuit, including Sonny Terry and Brownie Mcghee, The Almanac Singers, John Hammond, and Dave Van Ronk.  James at thirteen, having been dared to take the train from Westchester to Grand Central and get back by dinnertime, persisted in that adventure and managed to get down to Washington Square where he saw Gary Davis singing, and then to the Village where he found ‘The Folk’, and Dave Van Ronk.


In remembering Joe Hill, (guilty or not), the Willies will engage in both dialogue and song, with hopes that the present and past might mingle together to encourage the always evolving ’Song of  American Folk’ to be more in our hearts and minds.

Hart wears many hats in our community. He works professional as a studio photographer, and pursues his own creative work in the fields of photography, painting, and music. His 2003 album, Blind James, was released in 2003 by Frogville Records. Hart is the founder and director of Phil Space, a gallery representing both Santa Fe’s emerging and legacy artists.​ 


week 5

Santa Fe Playhouse
Santa Fe Fiesta Melodrama 2021 (excerpts)

August 20–22

This year, the Fiesta Melodrama will be performed in diverse venues across the city. Axle will host a series of excerpts from the larger performance. A tradition in Santa Fe since 1919, the Fiesta Melodrama is written in the style of those from the Wild West, but with a twist. Lampooning local news and politics, the Fiesta Melodrama has been delighting crowds and embarrassing politicians since New Mexico was only seven years old.

For centuries, theater has been a way to look at humanity from different angles. It has been a space of catharsis and creative vision. Live theater and performance art are an exchange of energy between audience and artist. It is our mission to create a context in which difficult and expanding conversations can take place within a container of compassion, kindness, and empowerment.

Bill Hinsvark

memorial exhibition & painting distribution
at Axle Contemporary and SITE Santa Fe
August 6 & 7, 2021
August 6: noon - 7pm
August 7: 9 am - noon

Also Online Now


The 11

Jo Povi Romero 

Santiago Romero

Jacob Shije

Del Curfman

and others

curated by Nina Sanders

August 19-22

more info soon

Tigre Mashaal-Lively

So Be It. See To It.
(working title)


Tigre (Bailando) Mashaal-Lively will create a work of installation art inside the Axle Contemporary Mobile Artspace. The visual invocation will bring together mixed-media sculpture, drawing, and writing to transform the interior space into an Afrofuturist sanctum.


The sculptural work, combined with works on paper, integrated lighting, and a soundscore, will function as an immersive prayer, beckoning towards a future world in which Black girls, women, and femmes are all fully safe and empowered.