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Past Exhibitions 2012

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Out of SITE 2012

Over 100 small artworks from past SITE Unseen fundraisers

Landings: Birds in the Park / Books on Wheels

A landing of Christy Hemngst's porcelain birds at CCA and a show of works from  our recent publications

The Art of The Chair

Abraham Gelbart, DeeAnne Wagner, Don Kennell, Scuba

The Flatfile Show

Selected Works on Paper


Donna Ruff, Catalina Delgado Trunk, John Voorhees, Gail Reike, Charles Greeley, Susan Case, Jose Salas

Santos Contemporaneos

Charlie Carrillo, Vicente Telles, Clay Peres

Indio Dali

Joseph Sanchez

Art in a Dark Van

Greta Young

Emotional Portraits

Rima Miller


Lara Nickel and Brandon Soder

Chenrezig's Cave

Patrick Nagatani and Leigh Anne Langwell

Double Wide

Kyle Durrie’s Moveable Type and the students of the New Mexico School for the Arts

E Pluribus Unum: Santa Fe

In March 2012, the road led us to SITE Santa Fe, where Axle Contemporary was invited to participate in Time-Lapse / MARCH 2012.  Our project, E PLURIBUS UNUM, engages our mobile gallery, the SITE Santa Fe gallery, and the web. The interior of the mobile gallery was transformed into a photo studio where Axle Contemporary collaborators, Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel created photographic portraits of over 500 people over the course of 10 days in 11 locations all over the city.  Each participant held a small meaningful object in their portrait.  2 copies of each photograph were immediately printed in our mobile printing station.  One was distributed free to the participant, the other hung on the walls (interior and exterior) of the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery.  

If Ever For Enemies

Erin Lynn Forrest

The Party is Over

Ted Larsen

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