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Past Exhibitions 2015

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Carolyn Riman

100 Portraits -- Santa Fe


Hye Coh (exhibition at CCA)



Jami Porter Lara:  Cookies and art

Stone Soup


Soupmaking, Community, and Fundraising

The Luted Crucible


East Indian Bronze Casting

Chris Collins, Bob Haozous, Anne Russell, Rose B. Simpson, Diane Tintor, Erika Wanenmacher, Piers Watson, Jacob Sisneros, Cristina Gonzalez, & New Mexico School for the Arts students

Järmark 2015 at The Paseo, Taos


Woody Vasulka


Rob Shaw

Axle Contemporary

with a special presentation of Icarus by Chris Shaw

Slices of Wonder


Luke Dorman

Jason Garcia

Vicente Telles

Jeff Drew

Needles & Seams


Marina Brownlow

Merce Mitchell

Kay Khan

Judy Tuwaletstiwa

Energetic Representations of the Natural World


Leah Siegel and Christina Hall-Strauss


Mindy McGovern

not this, not that

Axle Contemporary

Holocene Garden

Lea Anderson

Cast Away

Aline Hunziker

Axle Indoors at Peters Projects

150 artists, 450 artworks, 8,500 square feet.

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