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Past Exhibitions 2017

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Frederick Spaulding




Brian Fleetwood

Mural Viviente

Jade Leyva and Ruben Olguin

Brain Waves

Shel Neymark

Run Home Derby Store

Jamison Chas Banks and students from IAIA and NACA

co-produced with SITE Santa Fe

Local Coloring

Five New Mexican writers illustrated by 67 artists

Text and Image: Playing with Haiga

John Brandi, Juliana Coles, Luke Dorman, Guy Cross, Jerry Wellman

A Total Shirtshow

M. Gold, James Black, Michael "Metal" Wieclaw, David Sloan, Tim Jag, Ann Jag, Good Folk, Derek No-Sun Brown Joel Nakamura, Sarah Hart, Edie Tsong, Bett Williams and Mayumi Nishida/Jon Carver.

The Luted Crucible 2017

Bronze casting by NMSA Students and local artists

de St. Croix Lenormand

Lisa de St. Croix: painting and divination

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