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Past Exhibitions 2011

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Vidrios y los Muertos

Elodie Holmes & Jannine Cabosel, Stacey Neff, Partick Morrisey, Bruce Hamilton & Susanna Carlisle, Holly Goldstein, Anne Staveley, Cia Fredrich, Ira Lujan, Jerry Wellman, Matthew Chase-Daniel

Enormous Squash

Jannine Cabossel


Sondra Goodwin, Mary Lawler, Jonathan Morse, Nancy Sutor, Gabriel Luis Perez, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Robert Stivers

$.99 - $99

25 artists

I Am Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

Erika Wanenmacher, Shirley Klighoffer, Patty Levey, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Suzanne Sbarge, Charlie Carrillo, Jerry Wellman

Art Cars

SOFA-INTUIT Fair, Santa Fe, August 4-7, 2011

Anne Staveley & Marion Wasserman, Shirley Klighoffer & Co., Nina Mastrangelo, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Jerry Wellman

Reprocessed: Photography in the Physical World

Jetsonorama, Patrick Nagatani, Key Sanders, Marion Wasserman, Guy Cross, Jay Etkin, Matthew Chase-Daniel



Zoe Blackwell, Thelma Mathias, Gerry Snyder, Jerry Wellman

Haiku Roadsign

We found a charming old roadside sign in need of a new purpose. Earlier in its life this sign advertised the coldest beer in town and then the hottest chile in the Española valley. But not everything that is cool is in the fridge and not all things hot are edible. We presented 2 new poems (one on each side of the sign) each week for four months during the summer of 2011. Automobile passengers, bike riders, and pedestriansm enjoyed poetry in consistently unexpected places throughout Santa Fe.  2 poems x 16 weeks=32 poems, liberated from the page and set free to infiltrate the consciousness of the people:  ¡Que Viva La Poesia!


Caleb Lee Bowman




The Enormous Wheatpaste Photoshow

Anne Staveley

at Warehouse 21


Steina, Woody Vasulka, Rob Shaw

Futurology 101

Kathleen McCloud

Blue Air

John Davis

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