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Andres Machin

The Hollow

round two of Broadsides

August 14 – September 6

The Hollow is a project created by artist, Andres Machin alongside New Mexico School for the Arts alumni, Ezri Horne, Maya Pena, and Broadus Mobbs.

Using plaster as a sculptural and lyrical material to cast the physical space between NMSA alumni bodies, Machin captures the space between the former students. In a time when personal and physical space is so clearly defined and intentionally kept separate, this sculpture speaks to and resists the notion that we are in fact ever apart or disconnected.

The Hollow relates abstract notions of a community bond and represents growth from the ground up. The building and creation of the sculpture embody the evolution of the student by simultaneously embracing the past, holding the present, and hoping for the future in its form. 

The future depends on our ability to see the connections between ourselves, our communities and our neighbors. In The Hollow, each of us can be ourselves, and be together. This sculpture is a nod to our connections and our community and is a visible offering to our neighbors.

Large-scale photographs of Machin's finished sculpture as well as images of the casting process are presented on the exterior of Axle's mobile Artspace in this second round of our BROADSIDES series.

Check Axle's homepage for daily updates of locations and times where the mobile artspace will be each day.

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