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Christina Dallas


Christina Dallas

Teen Angel Magic Spirit Photography


TEEN ANGEL MAGIC SPIRIT PHOTOGRAPHY is a photographic project by the artist CHRISTINA DALLAS. The primary artistic process involves staged portraiture as well as a PSYCHIC aspect. The images seek to be a testament to the SPIRITUAL WORLD, and are a reference to the MAGICAL PROPERTIES inherent in the PHOTOGRAPHIC PROCESS, the camera as a conduit of LIGHT, with the possibility to MANIFEST spirit into matter. The works are influenced by spirit photography, KABBALAH, occult studies, alchemy, the human psyche, magic, and metaphysical thought processes, such as “THE SECRET.”  Where one can manifest something they want to HAPPEN in there lives through imagery or perform a ritual to gain power or perfect their SOUL. Dallas is playing with the idea of the CAMERA as a scrying tool that can explore the psyche of its subjects, with the ability to accomplish MAGIC, through the addition of props such as MAGIC SEALS, props, symbols, and other mystical tools. The portraits also explore hand signifiers and signs as a part of the world’s soul and their use throughout history as identifiers in portraiture such as hand signs, mudras, blessings, gang signs, and magical signs. The subjects desire to throw signs, or SECRET SIGNALS, at the camera like a ritual, as if this action could bring power or healing to its subjects or viewers, as if the camera were an ALTAR.


The portraits aim to help the subject and the photographer manifest goals such as love or prosperity, divine union, protection, and health, in essence they are a PRAYER. A psychic portrait that aims to get earthly results, seek beauty, blend rituals, and align with that which is ineffable, mystical, and deeply rooted in the POWER of the PSYCHE.


A portrait session is available in the Axle Mobile Portrait Studio, as part of the exhibition. Participants can sign up for a portrait session or stop by the gallery to participate. Donations to support the artist are encouraged. Portraits taken in the mobile studio will be available for a negotiable fee and received later as a matted 8” x 10” portrait. Private portrait sessions are also available by appointment and may be scheduled and taken at the artist’s studio for a negotiable fee. All works shown in this exhibit are for sale through Axle Contemporary. Contact or 505-670-5854 for more information.


Part of PhotoSummer.

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