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Community Supported Art

For years, farmers have been offering subscription based farm shares (Community Supported Agriculture).  More recently, art organizations across the country have offered similar programs, offering art by subscription.  We've decided to do it with artist-designed limited-edition 100% cotton t-shirts.  After an open call for art, we’ve selected 4 images from 4 different artists to screen-print on t-shirts.  This limited edition shirt print is available by subscription only.  One shirt will be released each season over the course of the one year.  All shirts are hand-screened by Axle Contemporary.  The first in the series is by Victor Teng, fulfilled in December.  Other designs are by Ravenna Osgood, Carolyn Riman, and Danny Green.


This is a limited edition series of 16 shirts of each design.  Orders are now closed.

Ravenna Osgood's design will be fulfilled in March

Carolyn Riman's design will be fullfilled in June

Danny Green's design will be fullfilled in September.

Victor Teng                                                                                                                           Ravenna Osgood

Carolyn Riman                                                                                                                           Danny Green


Victor Teng  was formerly an art teacher in New York.  He is now an artist in Santa Fe, working in painting, drawing, and ceramics.  His work was recently exhibited at Patina Gallery.


Ravenna Osgood, a young, hip designer from New Mexico, has been winning prizes for her fashions in Santa Fe’s Recycled Arts Festival for years.  She’s proven herself a fashion magician with found materials ranging from coffee bags to credit cards. She is currently a student at Central Saint Martins in London.  Before that she was at UNM, and before that at The New Mexico School for the Arts.


Carolyn Riman has long doubted the veracity of artists’ bios, specifically her own, whereas she is hella-gullible regarding nearly any fairy tale with evocative illustrations.  Raised by kindly wolves, at a tender age Carolyn was stolen away from her beloved pack by pernicious finishing school scouts. She learned to waltz flawlessly with the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica on her head before mysteriously vanishing on the eve of her début, and has only recently resurfaced, at El Zaguán, where she divides her time between such sympathetic media as paint, inks, pastel, old saw blades, breath, a broomstick, and the occasional pantoum.


Danny Green can often be found drawing or working at Big Adventure Comics in Santa Fe.  He is a member of


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