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Emblems of Hidden Durations

Drawings by Jerry Wellman

Emblems of Hidden Durations: Allies
Emblems Hidden Durations: White Cape
Emblems of Hidden:  Made Manifest
Emblems of Hidden:  terpsichore
Emblems of Hidden:  time seems
Emblems of Hidden: Memory fills time
Emblems of Hidden:  Eyes
Emblems watch for markers and signs
Emblems of Hidden: humble objects
Emblems & The Hinge it All  Hangs On
Emblems A Carried Charge
Emblems of Hidden Durations
Emblems breath plus generosity
Emblems  a charge is carried 1

Jerry Wellman, through drawings, essays, reveries, and poetry, explores concepts of death and deathlessness. An ongoing project since the passing of his brother, almost 35 years ago, the book is inspired by his investigations of Eastern thought, funerary architecture, poetry, and philosophy.


The title for the book, Emblems of Hidden Duration, is directly inspired by the writing of Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza proposes a difference between eternity and durations. He suggests eternity as the place that exists outside time, and that durations exist as a series of overlapping and interconnected events. More recently quantum mechanics theorizes: Physical reality is a stack of events that exist as the ever-changing indefinable now.  The book takes the form of an internal conversation with Wellman himself, at the time of his imagined death.



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