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Traditional Art of the Jicarilla Apache
From the collection of
The Museum of Indian Art and Culture

in Santa Fe through April 25th

and at 

The Wild Horse Casino parking lot
Jicarilla Apache Nation in Dulce
Tuesday, April 27th, 10 am -5pm

See Axle's daily location at

In the thick of the pandemic shutdown, the state of New Mexico’s Department of Cultural Affairs, Santa Fe’s Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, and Axle Contemporary have joined together to produce a book for free distribution to all 600 schoolchildren in the Jicarilla Apache Schools. On Tuesday April 27, from 10am - 4pm, Axle Contemporary will be in Dulce, at the parking lot of the Wild Horse Casino, exhibiting some of the photos from the book on the exterior of the mobile artspace and distributing free books to families.

This pilot project is a response to last year's cancellation of art summer camps and activities at State Museums and the long shutdown of in-person learning at schools across the state. Bringing an in-person experience directly to our rural communities and distributing hands-on material promises to have a positive impact on schoolchildren in this time.

We've just installed the show, and now have 10 days to share it here, in Santa Fe. See daily location at This glimpse from the pages of the book shows ten pieces of traditional artwork from the Jicarilla Apache that are a part of the collection of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe.

The book, Traditional Art of the Jicarilla Apache, has been produced specifically to distribute in the Jicarilla Apache community.; It contains historical photos and writing from the recent MIAC exhibition Traditional Lifeways of the Southern Athabaskans, as well as images of Jicarilla artwork from the MIAC collection, selected by Axle's editor-curators Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel.

The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture is closed for a major renovation. Please make time to visit the updated space when they reopen in May.

This exhibition is part of Axle Contemporary BROADSIDES series. Broadsides is a series of large-scale wheatpaste interventions on the exterior of the Axle Contemporary mobile artspace.

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