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Jonathan Hertzel

Abstract Random Photo Booth

Friday May 24, 2024 Santa Fe Railyard Shade Structure by Farmers Market, 5-8 pm


Saturday May 25-Santa Fe Children's Museum 1050 Old Pecos Trail, 11am - 3pm


Sunday May 26-Santa Fe Railyard Shade Structure by Farmers Market, 10am - 3pm


The Abstract Random Photo Booth is an immersive painting created by the exuberant expressionist artist Jonathan Hertzel. Hertzel has worked with a variety of mediums including monumental bronze sculpture, painting, clay, paper, and ink. Currently, he will feature his new large-scale paintings with visual accessories that allow the audience to become participants in the artwork. Two new paintings will be debuted on Memorial Day weekend with Axle Contemporary. The interior of the “Photo Booth” will be wrapped with a 6-foot by 18-foot painting titled "A Day at the Beach" while the exterior will have an 8-foot by 18-foot painting titled "The Next Wave" mounted on it. The public is welcome to model parts of the painting in the form of painted coats, hats, and shirts. Photograph unique portraits as the artwork comes alive when you step through the frame in the Abstract Random Photo Booth!

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