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Brenner crop 3.jpg

Lindsay Brenner
Live Crochet


Santa Fe Railyard
Shade Structure by Farmers Market
Saturday August 7th, 4:00-7:00pm

Santa Fe Plaza
corner of Palace and Lincoln
Sunday August 8, 11:00–2:00 pm

a live creation of wearable art

Brenner is a crochet artist. For this performance, she will work on creating a long dress while wearing it in the Axle mobile artpace. With each new row of work, Brenner will lengthen the garment until the dress until she runs out of time or material.

The artist works to create awareness of the beautiful and the interesting possibilities that come with recycling materials and the ways that we all can take care of our earth, ourselves, and all the living organisms that share this planet with us. Brenner also shows us the value of engaging with the ancient creative tradition of the physical act of working with our hands to make things.

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