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Axle Contemporary invited five New Mexico authors to write stories for this project, Melody Sumner Carnahan, Jamie Figueroa, Nasario Garcia, Joe Hayes, and Lily Hoang. They have now all written short stories for Local Coloring.  We've also invited more than three dozen professional New Mexico artists whose work we know and respect, to make line drawing "coloring book" illustrations (one per-artist). These works will all be included in the final Local Coloring book, as long as they fit the parameters we have specified for illustration.


Any other New Mexico based artist, professional or amateur, may also contribute to the project by making a drawing. Drawings must Illustrate one of the stories with a line drawing in a “coloring book” style. One drawing only per artist. All of the stories and original drawings will be exhibited and will be offered for for sale in the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery during the month of August, 2017. Artists get 50% of the sale price of their work if it sells, and can set the price for their drawing.


We will publish a coloring book with the five stories and a selection of the drawings. The book will be available for purchase during the exhibition. All writers and artists selected for the publication will receive a complimentary copy of the book. 


If you were not specifically invited to draw for this project, there is no guarantee that your drawing will be included in the book. Our selections will be made based on the number and quality of all of the drawings received.


Examples of some “coloring book” drawings in various styles can be seen here:


Artists will be responsible for picking up any unsold work at the close of the exhibition in September.


If you are interested in drawing for this project, e-mail us at, and we will send you a link to one of the stories.



Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, Axle Contemporary





Artists include

Rita Bard
Francisco Benitez
Jeff Benham
Bette Yozell
Erin Currier
Luke Dorman
Donelli J. DiMaria
Clare Dunne
Alexandra Eldridge
Betsy Emils
Marina Eskeets
Jason Garcia
Linda Guenste
Celeste La Forme
Mary Lawler
David Leigh        
Kathleen McCloud
Eliza Naranjo Morse
Joel Nakamura
Larry Bob Phillips
Janet Stein Romero
Mark Spencer
Lisa de St. Croix
Rick Stevens
Dianne Stromberg
Linda Swanson
Erika Wanenmacher
Jerry West
Tricia Tusa
Nicola Heindl
Hye Coh
Joerael Julian Elliott
Israel Harros Lopez
Abby Mattison
Victoria Carlson
Katherine Lee
Sarah Spengler
Rose Simpson
Debby Young
Anson Stevens-Bollen
Jerry Wellman
Jamison Chas Banks
Matthew Mullins
Iren Schio
Mary Moegenburg
Daniel McCoy
Cristina Gonzalez     
Brian Fleetwood
Miranda Gray
Linda Vi Vona
Nina Mastrangelo







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