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Rachel Manera

Not This Not That



about Rachel Manera:

Born in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Rachel Manera’s bohemian approach to life was instilled just a few years later, when her folks left the airforce base and headed south. Her mother, an illustrator and a painter, encouraged abarrage of creativity. However, the dissolution of her parents' marriage was devastating. They were the first couplein 1977 to divorce. Well, at least, at her public grade school.

A tomboy princess, her formative years included catching crawdads, making mud pies, a Schwinn Stingray, Skateworld, Gease, Jaws, Blonde and Bowie. And, hiding forbidden Steven King novels under her bed, to read by flashlight, late at night. By fifth grade, her developing frame stood 5’ 6'' tall. That same year, she beganmenstruating, and endured the inappropriate advances of sexually repressed individuals, those too close to her broken home. John Lennon was shot on her 12th birthday, her mother cried all day long, the world was shaken andforever scarred.

Reaganomics soon followed, along with the fear of over-population. Manera turned to community radio, punk rock,new wave, MTV, Alfred Hitchcock presents, Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone and the Night Gallery. She found solidarity in the cinematic realms of John Waters, Alejandro Jorodowsky, and David Lynch. These were Manera’s role models, artists on the fringe, whose fascinating surrealist worlds, laden with social and political undertones,provoked discourse and commentary. Once she discovered her intuitive nature to express both visually and in sound, her anx-hausted confinement within mainstream existence began to crumble.

Manera has since lived a shape-shifter’s life on the edge. From the northern border to the southern, the east coastand the west. Her shallow roots cultivate best in the desert. Mysticism, cyclical patterning, and archetypes intrigue Manera the most; she yearns to understand the complexities of human nature, through the energetic lens of astrology and symbolism.

Over the last seven years, Manera has been residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico and working in the art department of the film and tv industry. In years prior, she has made several short art films, screening in festivals abroad and stateside. Manera’s photography, assemblage sculptures, and installations have been nationally exhibited andcollected. She performs live, on camera, and sometimes with multiple film projectors, synchronizing her collagefilms. Under the moniker of OCDC, Manera has hosted a community radio show, Sonic Relativity on Madrid's KMRD.

Leaving The Algorithm is her first feature length narrative screenplay that she will also direct. The script is currently in the development phase. A dystopian film drawing from the apocalypse currently underway, explores themes of isolation, connection, and the diverse communities developing, in an increasingly disconnected world governed by bots.

Catch up with this wild woman, on a mountain trail, running with her wolf-dog, Nadine. Or connect professionally, an aesthetics curator, Manera offer’s lifestyle design assistance to culturally enhance and enliven any homogenous complacency and doldrums in the 3rd dimension. Her field guide celestial collabs,‘astrology readings’ held in-person, aim to decode one’s unique blueprint, identifying options of planetary alignments, assert strategies to pesky challenges, while recognizing the most amazing empowerment tool, freewill.


Website here: to view some art stuff and ‘contact’ for other stuff

Instagram here: @ram_rubylonestar




Rachel Manera, 1975

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Rachel Manera

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