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an Axle 2023 Nanogrant winner



Rosemary Carroll

Interpretive Dances for Sasquatch


Shocking footage captured on wildlife cam as Rosemary Carroll travels west and follows signs of Sasquatch. 

Stay in touch with Rosemary at Interpretive Dances For Sasquatch and @love.rosemary.carroll for updates on zines, videos, and gallery showings.

ANIMAL CAM: 01060024


Sasquatch Sighting April 13th

My First sighting of Sasquatch this season was in the city.

He was crossing an intersection.

He was pointing at me, screaming.

Dripping with dirt and hair.

Huge across six lanes of traffic in the midday sun.

Screaming at me. Blaming me.

And I was like “Woah. He is so right.

It is my fault, maybe not all of it, but a lot of it.” 


Sighting June 16th

I knew I was on track because as I was editing Sasquatch Video Poem 3, I heard a thud outside and saw dust and debris in the air. I opened the front door and saw a giant pile of palm tree bark in my path. 


This is a clear sign I am as good trajectory with with my dancing. The improvisations in the canyon next Sunday with Christina are worthwhile and I will pursue my costume of palm tree bark with teal, neon green, safety yellow and vermillion twine.



Rosemary Carroll and Bett Williams create interpretive dances for Sasquatch. They get a tip to go to Bigfoot Lodge in Los Angeles and there's something on the wall.


about Rosemary Carroll:

Rosemary Carroll is a choreographer, multi-media artist, and oral historian and archivist. Her performance work has been shown at Grace Exhibition Space, Franklin Furnace, Judson Church, Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), Green Space, Movement Research, and other proscenium stage and informal venues. Rosemary’s recent choreography CRISS CROSS MANIFESTO IN MOTION premiered at Wo/Manhouse 2022, a Judy Chicago project that ran for four months in Belen, NM. CRISS CROSS MANIFESTO IN MOTION explores themes of feminist art history, aesthetic manifestos, the American West, collectivism, and power dynamics among women. Rosemary has been a heavy equipment operator at the South Pole, Antarctica, and a journalist in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Her Art and Psychedelics series has been shown at El Rey Court, the new Iconik Red, Mt. Tam Psilocybin Summit and David Luke and Maya Bracknell Watsons’s Last Tuesday Society in London. Her writing is published with Ignota Books, Ugly Duckling Presse, and the Poetry Project at St. Marks in the Bowery.  She is an editor and contributor to the dance magazine Contact Quarterly. She has documented oral history and performance archives for the American Dance Festival, Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound, the Dance Heritage Coalition, and the Library of Congress. She holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the University of Seattle, WA.




The Proposal

My application is to support my summer project INTERPRETIVE DANCES FOR SASQUATCH (BIGFOOT). This summer I am camping out for twenty days and devoting my dance practice to Bigfoot. The nanogrant will go towards purchasing a wildlife camera for my night time dance practice. This will allow my choreography to grow red and green. I will create video art out of this footage. I will also create a zine from my research. I have attached a preliminary poem, for the early days of this project, as a sample. This poem grew out of a writing group with Ugly Duckling Presse which regularly publishes my work. I will show this work at some of the readings and events I regularly host and attend. 


Past projects.


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