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Ryan Williams

Unhoused Art

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Art created by the unhoused is sold locally in artist markets, galleries and museums with all proceeds going to the artist and shelter.  A vital component of every class is arts healing with the goal to create a sense of purpose, income and self-pride to participants.


Visit the Saint Elizabeth Shelters & Supportive Housing website to subscribe to our emails for the latest updates on where you can view and purchase art as well as learn more about the program.

You can learn more and donate to support this project at this GoFundMe link here


Unhoused Art's mission is to uplift and transform lives through the power of transformative arts healing. The Unhoused Art program provides a sense of purpose, income and self-pride to participants. This self-sustaining program also generates a source of donations to the shelter in addition to reaching new audiences and donors. Unhoused Art provides a unique opportunity for the public to connect with the unhoused in a meaningful way, break stereotypes and create a greater sense of connection to the community.


The transformative arts healing program, Unhoused Art, involves partnering with local artists to lead arts healing workshops. Participants create art in workshops with local potters, painters, poets and more. Each workshop focuses on creative arts healing with the end goal of all class members creating a unique piece of art. Everyone will have the option to offer their work for sale and appreciation creating a sense of both pride and accomplishment. Art created through these workshops will be sold locally in galleries, museums and at street art markets along with accompanying photos and stories about the unhoused artists if they choose to provide one. Each artist receives 60% of proceeds from all sales and the remaining 40% funds the project with art supplies, teacher fees and support to the shelter where the art was created. During each purchase, buyers have the opportunity to donate to the shelter for future classes with more proceeds from that sale then going to the artist. Accompanying the art for sale are a range of artistic souvenir laminations with information about each teacher and class. Buyers can purchase a lamination with all proceeds sponsoring one art class (teacher fee and supplies). When purchasing Unhoused Art, the buyer is providing a home for the unhoused art itself and a means of income to the unhoused artist.


Follow us now on social media to see photos of the first classes and art created in addition to stories from the artists.  We'll be starting our first classes in early fall so expect to see posts soon.  Please consider donating to this project through our GoFundMe page with all donations going to our incredible shelter partner, St. Elizebeth Shelters and Supportive Housing: 



"Unhoused Art" partners with local artists to lead arts healing workshops with the unhoused community in Santa Fe.  Art produced in the workshops will be sold locally at the Railyard Artisan Market, galleries and more.  By purchasing art, buyers are finding a home for the Unhoused Art itself and supporting the unhoused artist who receives a majority of the proceeds (55%).  The remaining amount goes towards art supplies, teacher fees for those who aren't volunteering their time and to the shelter(s) who are hosting the class.  I met with Saint Elizabeth Shelters & Supportive Housing two weeks ago and they are interested in hosting classes.  I recently created this project and would love to use $40 for arts supplies for the first class.


Unhoused Art can break down stereotypes about the unhoused and create a stronger connection with the artists. Each artist will have the opportunity to share a picture and personal story along with their art.  I've met a few art teachers in Santa Fe who are open to leading accessible arts workshops and two arts therapy teachers who can add a healing component to each workshop.  


One or two classes will be held each week at local shelters with the goal of producing art for sale at special events, gala opening nights and more with opportunities for dialogue, creating a greater sense of connection with the uhoused and, hopefully, inspiring volunteers and donors.  Once there is enough art, I'll email photos to Axle (you'll see your name in the attached proposal) for potentially partnering to showcase the art created.

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