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The Readymade:100 years

May 13 - 22

Opening: May 13th, 5-8 pm, Santa Fe Railyard

Farmers Mkt. Shade Structure











One hundred years ago, Marcel Duchamp first used the term “Readymade” to describe a series of his work.  The Bicycle Wheel had been created earlier, and his iconic Fountain was yet to come, but 1916 was the year that this concept was first articulated. Now 100 years later, we will celebrate Duchamp and the Readymade with a group exhibition in the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery. We've invited New Mexico artists to submit works for consideration for the exhibition. Each selected work will be displayed with an accompanying text by each artist, reflecting on the Readymade as an artform and their own way of selecting work for this exhibition.


Artists: Susanna Carlisle & Bruce Hamilton, Susan Case, Dana Chodzko, Chris Collins, Ed Epping, Rick Fisher, Michelle Goodman, Erin Gould, Jamie Hamilton, Nacho Jaramillo, Kathamann, Rachel Manera, Thelma Mathias, Kathleen McCloud, Dana Newmann, Joe Buffalo Nickels, Anne Russell, Iren Schio, Michael Schippling, Uma Schlemnari, Jane Shoenfeld, Gina Telcocci, Bunny Tobias, and Tara Evonne Trudell.



Useful Links about Duchamp and the Readymade


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The New Yorker

Recent mention in The New Yorker, by Calvin Tomkins


Tout Fait -- The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal



2004 thesis by Kristina Seekamp which traces the lineage of the Duchamp Readymades:


Santa Fe's Own Michael Schippling:  Chronological list of Duchamp's Readymades



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