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Jane Lackey & Thomas Lehn

Seat of Learning

May 10 – 20


Several years ago, artists Jane Lackey & Thomas Lehn purchased a vintage writing desk, and since that time the desk has inspired them to imagine its long history. Through this experience, they have begun to reflect on the meanings that are held in objects and their history. Some objects project wide cultural significance while others are personal and known only to one individual, due to their own past experiences. As people, we collect things and these things influence our lives and shape our thoughts and moods. Lackey and Lehn are particularly interested in what you might have learned from a special object that you own.


For their project, Seat of Learning, the artists will use the Axle vehicle as a mobile studio, to collect individuals’ narratives about objects they bring. Participants will sit in the relaxed atmosphere of the gallery and recount their story and show their object. The artists will ask questions and record video. The videos and borrowed objects will form the basis for a future art installation at Marie Walsh Sharpe Contemporary Gallery at the Ent Center for the Arts at UC Colorado Springs in the spring of 2020.  The installation will be an immersive environment where public can interact with relationships of objects, sound and video in a conducive and contemplative architectural space.




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