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Fiesta Melodrama
A Streetlight Named Santa Fe

Santa Fe Playhouse

Railyard Shade Structure
Friday, Aug 20, Noon – 4:00 pm



A tradition in Santa Fe since 1919, the Fiesta Melodrama is written in the style of those from the Wild West, but with a twist. Lampooning local news and politics, the Fiesta Melodrama delights crowds and embarrasses politicians.

A Streetlight Named Santa Fe, is directed by Annie Liu and Andy Primm and stars Shawna Howley, Bob Meloche, Eibhlin Brennan, Felix Cordova, Cliff Russell, and Teagan Wetzel.

The half-hour excerpt, performed at Axle, repeats several times from noon to 4 pm. It is an audience-participatory Game Show, hosted by C.D.C de Baca (Felix Cordova). These performances are free for the public– donations are appreciated.

The following week, A Streetlight Named Santa Fe opens at the Santa Fe Playhouse August 26th (Preview Night), and runs for 4 weekends, Thursdays through Sundays. The second weekend, the weekend of Zozobra - will be performed at Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery on Agua Fria (this year's sponsor). The following weekends will be back on the Playhouse theater.

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