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The Eleven

Coming in Hot


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Jo Povi Romero* 

Santiago Romero*

Jacob Shije*

Del Curfman*

Charine Pilar Gonzales*

Ashley Lynn Browning*

Hollis Chitto

Peshawn Bread

Cree LaRance

Edwin Allen Felter

Kaa Folwell

curated by Nina Sanders

* work in the exhibition at Axle Contemporary

Thursday. August 19, 6-8 pm, at The Coe Center's Annual Event 1509 Pacheco St. Santa Fe, with Nani Chacon, Will Wilson, and more.


Friday August 20, 5-7 pm, Railyard, shade structure by Farmers Market.


Saturday, Aug. 21,10-6 at Vital Spaces Otero St. with Erica LordDavid Sloan, and Monochrome and Rainbow (Joeseph Arnoux and Chelsea Bighorn). Music by Jacob Shije at 3pm.


Sunday Aug. 22,  at PATHWAYS Native Arts Festival in Pojoaque (Buffalo Thunder).


The earth vibrated with creativity, delight, and Indigenous excellence the day these stars gathered. Friendship, hope, and imagination coalesced to provide the world with a bright and ambitious lense for the future of Native Art. As a witness to this gathering I am compelled to say we are fortunate to be living among such sensationally prodigious human beings, with marvelously gallant hearts, and exceptionally creative souls.