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Call for Activist Art
11x 17 posters/broadsides this summer
on the exterior of Axle's mobile 


Art can activate the spirit, build a cohesive identity for a community, share wisdom, or communicate ideas. Art can also proselytize, cement allegiances, and question how we shape our reality. Artists might express passions, or instigate meaningful conversations.  Axle's Art & Activism exhibition presents artworks that address pressing concerns in the world, using some or all of the strategies listed above.

In July and August of this year, Axle will present this exhibition of activist art. Inside the mobile artspace we will present artworks by Julianna Coles, Bob Haozous, Adam Jonas Horowitz, Jetsonorama, Don Redman, and Will Wilson. The works address a range of issues including Cultural Hegemony, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Uranium Mining, Guns, War, and Identity. The artworks might draw us in through beauty, humor, or surprise. Once we are hooked, the work makes us reflect and might change how we think or act in the world.

We also plan to present a broad and diverse range of activist art in the form of 11" x 17" posters/broadsides pasted to the exterior of the Axle mobile artspace. This portion is open to people working here in New Mexico. All works must incorporate both visual art and activist messaging. Works might address Identity, Ecology, Politics, Voting, Guns, Feminism, Racism, Economics, Colonialism, War, Homelessness, Food Justice, Sustainability, or myriad other issues that are relevant in our world today.

To participate, send us your work as a print-ready digital file
or as a paste-up ready poster (must be made with water-resistant inks/paints and be 11"w x 17"h- vertical format). Works will NOT be returned. Send works by June 22 to or by mail to Axle Contemporary PO Box 22095 Santa Fe, NM, 87502. If you want to drop-off work instead, contact us at for arrangements.

The exhibited artworks will express a diversity of viewpoints and affiliations, but we will not exhibit works which advocate violence, insurrection, or racist or other defamatory and discriminatory views.

We'll only have space for 50 pieces so get your work to us soon!

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