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International Endoscopic Film Festival

Axle Contemporary seeks short video works utilizing endoscopic camera footage.


People have always been finding ways to look inside, behind, and beyond.  With the invention of the endoscopic camera we can now easily look inside holes and pipes and bodies.


Today endoscopes are routinely used for arthroscopic surgery, and colonoscopy. Plumbers have adopted the technology for diagnosing blockages, feeding borescopes deep into household and municipal sewer pipes. As the technology had blossomed, uses for the endoscope have expanded. Mechanics look inside machines, biologists look inside underground nests, and treasure hunters look into storm drains. Endoscopic cameras are now available for as little at $20.


Axle Contemporary is now pleased to announce the International Endoscopic Film Festival. A series of short films to be screened in Axle’s mobile artspace, in conjunction with the Currents Festival of New Media Art. The dates have changed. The festival has been rescheduled and will now be from August, 21-30, 2020.


Axle welcomes all filmmakers and artists to create and submit short films (3 minutes max) for consideration for the festival. All films must use footage captured with an endoscopic or borescopic camera. Other footage can also be included. Footage can be captured by the filmmaker or repurposed from medical or commercial borescope footage. Axle will soon have an endoscopic camera available for any local filmmakers who would like to borrow it.


To submit a film, you must upload to the web (YouTube, Vimeo, or anywhere else), and send us a link at If desired, you can make your film “private” and send us both a link and password. Accepted films can be delivered by thumb drive or online file transfer.


Submission deadline:  extended to June 1, 2020









More information on CURRENTS Festival of New Media Art here.


Questions?  Call or write:


505-670-5854: Matthew

505-670-7612: Jerry


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