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International Endoscopic Film Festival


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International Endoscopic Film Festival

August 21 - 30, 2020

part of the CURRENTS New Media Fesival


People have always been finding ways to look inside, behind, and beyond.  With the invention of the endoscopic camera we can now easily look inside holes and pipes and bodies.Today endoscopes are routinely used for arthroscopic surgery, and colonoscopy. Plumbers have adopted the technology for diagnosing blockages, feeding borescopes deep into household and municipal sewer pipes. As the technology had blossomed, uses for the endoscope have expanded. Mechanics look inside machines, biologists look inside underground nests, and treasure hunters look into storm drains.

HAIRSCAPES: Thomas Valianatos
(Athens, Greece)

PERFECT DEATH: Sarah Stolar w/ Laurel Taylor & Price Valentine
(Santa Fe & Taos, NM)

WANDER: Nina Mastrangelo
(Santa Fe, NM)

LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY: Susanna Carlisle and John H Marks, MD
(Santa Fe, NM & Philadelphia PA)

WANINGMOON: Shannon Latham
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

SPACE: Jerry Wellman
(Santa Fe, NM)

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Thomas Valianatos

Artist Statement

My audiovisual work (see here:, is hybrid New Media artworks based on Live Visuals. The aim of the projects is to create Generative Images in real time, with various techniques and Artistic Media such as Generative Art, Music Visualization, Virtual Reality, Depth Cameras and Synthesizers. The art works, in their final form, are presented as video screenings, prints, original drawings and live audiovisual performances. The problematic of the interaction between image and sound is dominant in the art work. It consists of audiovisual works that explore the possibilities of live video screening and real-time music visualization. Utilizing visual and audio data streams, weaves through video screening systems and abstract audiovisual patterns, (See here: and here:, and proposes an experimental model for producing audiovisual events and spatial reading. (See also here: It focuses on research about interactive image reconstruction and real-time video production based on audio visual information or the visual quality of an audio. The purpose of the whole work is to explore the transition / translation of the picture to sound and vice versa and to create generative images in real time.



Thomas Valianatos was born in Athens and attended Athens School of Fine Arts, receiving a B.A. in Painting in 2003 and a M.A. in Digital Arts in 2006. The body of his work ranges from 2d & 3d animation works and comic book art works to electronic music composition and live audiovisual performances (1998-2019). Since 2010 he has been teaching as a lecturer at the Ionian University in the Department of Audio Visual Arts, both to undergraduate and postgraduate students, academic art, 2d/3d animation, digital illustration, non linear narratives and live visuals. Since 2000, his artworks, in the form of original comic book art, prints, live electronic music, videos and live audio visual performances have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at various international festivals and art exhibitions and in various publishers and advertising films in Cinema & TV, including the 10th European and Mediterranean Young Artists Biennale, National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens, EMST), Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (MCF), ARTATHINA, Cambridge Science Festival, Splice Festival, LPM Live Performers Meeting, Synch Festival, China VISAP, Athens Science Festival, Athens International Comics Festival, Mylos Thessaloniki, Rodon Live Club, MEGA TV., MAD TV.



Sarah Stolar w/ Laurel Taylor & Price Valentine

Artist Statement

Perfect Death is an experimental short video created for The Grief Club — a multidisciplinary project by Sarah Stolar. It is a portrait of a keening woman, a paid female mourner who wails lamentations and sometimes performs dance-like movements and provocative acts in ‘the merry wake.’ She is in a time loop of applying and removing her make-up during and after a night’s work of swallowing the sorrow of others at the club. Consumed in her sequined world of disco ball light, she cuts off her tears, washes her face, and pulls off her lashes in a near violent act of releasing her own grief. Perfect Death is the third iteration of a revisited and reworked theme exploring make-up application and psychological self-portraiture by Sarah Stolar. (Perfect, 2002; Perfect (reprise), 2014). Produced with Laurel Taylor and Price Valentine, and shot with iPhones and an HD endoscopic camera, the point of view moves between the subject and viewer creating both introspective and voyeuristic qualities.


Sarah Stolar is an interdisciplinary artist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The breadth of her work includes painting, drawing, multi-media installation, film, video and performance art. Rooted in a 25-year investigation of the female psychological narrative, common threads in her work include loss of innocence, sexuality, beauty, power, death, spirituality, and identity. Sarah grew up in her mother’s art studio and award-winning art school Schain Studios in Cincinnati, OH, received a BFA in Painting from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. Her work has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Harwood Museum of Art, and BGMoCA in Montevideo, Uruguay as well as multiple awards from international film festivals. She has been featured in several publications and podcasts including Yale University Radio Archive, The Nation Magazine, and Hyperallergic. A committed educator for over fifteen years, Sarah Stolar is currently the Chair of Fine Arts and Digital Media at the UNM-Taos. Instagram: @sarahstolar


A self proclaimed Art Witch, Laurel Taylor is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in Oil, Works on Paper, Installation, and Experimental video. All works are made in ritual with reoccurring themes of female empowerment, transformation, and trauma within the soul. Laurel presents an experience for audiences that provokes some of the hidden emotions that are too often pushed down and forgotten. As a feminist artist, she calls attention to the terms society has negatively projected onto women and the female form and pushes back to reclaim those terms in power. Laurel received her Associate in Fine Arts with honors from the University of New Mexico Taos and has participated several notable exhibitions including, Vital Spaces: Windows on the Future, Under the Radar: 12 Women Artists of Taos at Revolt Gallery and 40 Under 40 at the Taos Arts Council. She is also an award winning experimental filmmaker, including the People's Choice award in the Seco Sanctuary Film Festival for her art film "What are you holding?"  Instagram: 


Price Valentine’s work stems from a personal ongoing investigation in developing a meaningful invitation in community, building tools of resilience, and practicing radical vulnerability. Using art as a form of social practice, Valentine creates vision through costume, performance, and experimental video. Valentine utilizes bright colors and heavy texture to lure an observer closer and welcome in a discovery process of complex and difficult veins of message. The canvas is everything around seen and touched, Price Valentine creates installation spaces and environmental engulfment filled with glimmer and dramatic surface, baptizing viewers in sensory stimulation. Price Valentine studied Fine Art, with an emphasis in installation, at UNM-Taos and was awarded one of four individual artist studios on campus. They are an award winning filmmaker and have exhibited their work locally at the Stables Gallery as well as being one of the featured artists in the recent show 40 Under 40 at the Taos Arts Council and is highly active in the local art community working with Taos Pride, the Paseo, and the Harwood Museum of Art. 

Instagram:  @bigpinkjewel 



Nina Mastrangelo

Nina Mastrangelo is passionate about research, community development, energy, the environment, and fluctuations. As an artist, educator and activist, her extensive studies and experience in fine arts, video, multimedia, applied arts, cartography, education, and science give her a unique ability to bridge the gap between practice and theory. Mastrangelo worked in the University of Iowa Multimedia and Video Department, created Multimedia curriculum for Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIARC), and was part of the team that developed the First Live International Intermedia Festival.    Instagram: @nina.mastrangelo



Susanna Carlisle and John H Marks, MD


Artist Statement
This video shows surgery to reconnect the colon after a cecal volvulus and peritonitis. The excerpts portray how technology, medicine and art are attempting to make the inner landscape of the body visible — to reveal it in its raw, vulnerable, subjective state of being.

Susanna Carlisle studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. After many years designing architectural projects and sculpture, she met new media pioneers Steina and Woody Vasulka and fell down the rabbit hole into video.

She collaborates with new media artist and sculptor Bruce Hamilton to explore video sculpture, installations, and immersive interactive environments. Although she has created dance videos and installations, Carlisle and Hamilton’s work together addresses environmental concerns such as the vulnerability and destruction of the natural world and the built environment due to climate change, natural disaster and man's impact on the environment. They have also worked with indigenous populations.

Their architectural projects, computer designed sculptures, single channel videos, video sculptures, and installations have been exhibited in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia. They also have received grants from the State of New Mexico, the National Endowment for the Arts, Albuquerque 1% for the Arts, and a fellowship from the New Mexico Experimental Glass Workshop They have been artists in residence at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, Italy and Foundation Laurenz in Basel, Switzerland

John H Marks, MD, FACS, FASCRS, is director of the Colorectal Center at Lankenau Medical Center and chief of the section of colorectal surgery at Main Line Health. He is professor of surgery at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. Dr. Marks directs a colorectal surgical research team and a fellowship in advanced rectal cancer management, one of only four in the United States.

Dr. Marks is a graduate of Yale University and the Jefferson Medical College of the Thomas Jefferson University where he received residency training in general surgery and colorectal surgery. He completed a fellowship in advanced laparoscopic colorectal surgery at the University of Nice, France under famed professor Jean Mouliel. Dr. Marks is board certified in general surgery and in colorectal surgery.

Dr. Marks' research and educational programs focus largely on minimally invasive laparoscopic colorectal surgery including and featuring radical sphincter preservation resection for rectal cancer after neoadjuvant therapy. He champions full thickness local excision (FTLE) by the transanal endoscopic microsurgical (TEM) method following neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer. The minimally invasive sphincter preserving rectal cancer patient series is one of the largest of its kind nationally and in the world. Dr. Marks and his team are dedicated to promoting enhancement of the quality of life for the colorectal surgical patient, and, in that context, there is a dominant educational effort. In a recent 12 month period, Dr. Marks, along with his colorectal surgical team, gave 62 scientific presentations, live televised surgical demonstrations, and instructional videos worldwide. In 2009, a landmark was reached with his performance of the 1,000th laparoscopic colon resection. Dr. Marks is widely published.

Dr. Marks currently serves as president of the Marks Colorectal Surgical Foundation, president of the Northeastern Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons, and president of the International Society of Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgeons. He is the co-director of the Multidisciplinary International Rectal Cancer Group and the annual International Rectal Cancer Consensus Conference held at Lankenau Medical Center. He serves on and/or directs numerous committees in the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) and the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS). He is on the editorial board of Surgical Endoscopy.



Jerry Wellman

Artist Statement

There is all this stuff out there, all this great magnificent and boundless stuff...all thoughts and things. Actually thoughts are things...things are thoughts etc. etc. Vast and huge there is no static middle, and all around is movement. Art promotes the tangents. Art supports the innate expression of wonder.

Jerry Wellman’s paintings and drawings have been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Holly Solomon Gallery in New York City, Pierogi Gallery in Brooklyn, The Downey Museum, and The Orange County Center of Contemporary Art in California, The El Paso Museum of Art, and The Revolving Museum in Boston. His drawings were selected for a traveling show sponsored by the Smithsonian. A sculptural installation “Emblems of Hidden Durations” was created for the College of Santa Fe outdoor sculpture series. Another sculptural installation “Tentative Phantom of the Clouds” was commissioned by the city of West Hollywood. The L.A. Weekly selected him to be a featured artist at the Los Angeles Art Expo.


His video animation work has been presented at the Dallas International Video Festival, The Santa Fe International Film festival, The Kidseye festival in Newport RI and won 1st place at the Magnifico Exhibitions at the Albuquerque Museum. Most recently Wellman co-produced a series of animated interstitials with PBS affiliate KNME-TV.


Other awards of note include: Art Matters Foundation Grant, Art Matters Inc. New York City NY. LINE Grant sponsored by the NEA and the state of New York Arts Council; to publish a book of writing and drawing. Disney Scholarship, CALARTS, Valencia, Critics Pick Santa Fe Reporter August 2004


Among his published work; Harvard University Press, catalog illustration, NADA Magazine, Chicago IL, Shadows by Jerry Wellman; a book of writing and illustration, and the quarterly, American Painting. In March 2004 his second book of essays and illustrations, What To Do With A Dead Piñon. Reviews have included the LA Reporter, The LA Weekly, The Pasatiempo, The Santa Fean, The Wild Heart Journal and many others.


Wellman has taught at the Pasadena College of Art and Design, CalArts, and New Mexico State University. He was formerly the head curator at Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art. He is the co-founder, co-director and co-curator of Axle Contemporary Art Gallery. Instagram:  @jerrywellmanarts



Shannon Latham

Artist Statement

Waning Gibbous Moon”  (2018) is an experimental self portrait that explores personal items, physical attributes, a sense of self through the sometimes ridiculous yet accurate lens of astrology, ephemera, and memory.

Shannon Latham spends most of her time in a dreamworld or pursuing alternate realities. She loves the way the light looks at about 4:45 in the afternoon. Most often, she can be found finding objects like bones, feathers, and special pieces of wood. She holds a meaningless BA in cinema production from San Francisco State University, an MA in journalism from CU Boulder, and likes her coffee cold brewed.