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August 19 - September 14, 2014

This series explored art and action related to the ecology of economies, art related to money, innovative and creative approaches to economics, and interrelations between the fields of economics and ecology. The series included an exhibition of visual art, roundtable discussions, performances, and installations. We aim to encourage a conversation around the intersections of economics, ecology and art, including critical commentary and new approaches and alternatives to the status quo



Follow these links to the various Economologies Projects:

Economologies, an art exhibition















Dollar Distribution, an economic intervention by Matthew Chase-Daniel















Creative Approaches for Economics, Ecology, and Life: A Roundtable Discussion















Jerry Wellman’s Moneyless Yard Sale















Symposium: Evolving Intentions in Public Art 















Burning Books: Ten Dollars, Ten Cents, Ten Minutes






























Community Supported Art: Apparel


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