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exterior wheatpaste series


We've been making online exhibitions in the past months, and we are feeling ready to make a project in the physical world. Although we've been patiently waiting for the right time to reopen our mobile gallery, we still don't see when that will be able to happen with people coming inside. We are concerned with the spread of the virus and support the necessary restrictions on our activities.

We have a solution, for now.

We are creating a series of exhibitions, BROADSIDES,  on the exterior of the mobile gallery. People will design works to be printed and wheat-pasted to the sides and back of Axle. We will print and paste up the selected works and park the gallery around Santa Fe where people can see the work while walking or driving, and while maintaining safe practices.

Now is an unusual and poignant time in our world. We encourage people to send work for consideration that engages and contributes to one or more of the important issues that are foremost in the public dialogue at this time such as the Covid-19 pandemic, police violence and racial Inequity in our culture, and climate change. We encourage critique as well as work which visualizes how we might start living in the world we want to see.

This is open to New Mexicans: artists, curators, scientists, and thinkers of all kinds, and can use images derived from drawing, painting, photography, collage, graphic design, writing, and more.

To be considered for this project, please send images of past work and a sketch, mock-up, or description of the proposed piece to with "BROADSIDES" in the subject line.

The finalist will be provided a $100 honorarium and deliver a print-ready file to Axle for printing and installation. Our printer prints on roll paper in color. The paper is 40" wide and strips can be ganged together to create larger sections, or individual images can be cut out after they are printed and placed in sections as the artist indicates. We hope to see work that engages the available space as a cohesive design. Despite our willingness to consider all proposals, we will tend to favor work that doesn't use copious quantities of ink and isn't extremely difficult to install.

Works should be designed to use the space behind the doors on the sides of the stepvan, as well as the rear. Works can cover those surfaces entirely or any portions thereof.


Round 1
Exhibition opens: July 17

Round 2
All submissions not chosen for round one will be considered for round two.

New submissions for round two are being accepted through July 26

Round 2 exhibition August 14- Sept 6

Follow this link to download exact dimensions of the space.:

Below are some images of past wheatpaste projects on the exterior of Axle.






Questions?  Call or write:


505-670-5854: Matthew

505-670-7612: Jerry







Lucy Lippard photo credit: Judy Tuwaletstiwa