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call for proposals
winter/spring 2023-2024

Send us your proposal now!


We are wrapping up our summer series at Axle, and looking forward to our winter/spring season.

  • Our BROADSIDES series are artist designed projects wheatpasted on the exterior of the mobile artspace.

  • Our Installation Art series uses the interior of the space for projects. These are viewed through the back and visitors do not enter the space.

If you have an idea, now is the time to share it with us, please share it with us!

We hope to see work that engages the available space as a cohesive design. Artists can use the van for a continuous print or images can be cut out after they are printed and placed in sections as the artist indicates. Both sides need to be used. Using the back and/or front is optional. Windows and lights need to be left unpasted to keep Axle street legal. The finalist will be provided a $100 honorarium and deliver a print-ready file to Axle for printing and installation. Our printer prints on roll paper in color. The paper is 40" wide and strips can be ganged together to create larger sections.

These projects are generally made to be seen from the exterior of the gallery through a sheet of glass or screen in the back doorway.  Installation Art should make use of the space inside to hold one work of art that uses the entire space. This is not an opportunity for an exhibition of paintings or drawings. These exhibitions are accompanied by a $100 honorarium to help defray artist expenses.

This Call for Proposals is open to New Mexicans: artists, curators, scientists, and thinkers of all kinds.

To be considered for this project, please send images of past work and a sketch, mock-up, or description of the proposed piece to with "PROPOSAL" in the subject line. Deadline for proposals: October 15, 2023

Follow this link to download dimensions of the space.:

Below are links to see some past BROADSIDES projects on the exterior and Installation Art projects inside Axle.





Questions?  Call or write:


505-670-5854: Matthew

505-670-7612: Jerry


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